Verse Simmonds

Verse Simmonds - Post To Be lyrics

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Ft. Omarion & Dej Loaf


Dj Spinatic, you bastards

VVS, Mustard on the beat, hoe

(Verse: Verse Simmonds)

Yo girl come close to me

She gon' hop up on the dick where she supposed to be

She a-lick lick spit, catch it off of me

That pussy tick tick boom, it's the bomb for me

And she bringin' company

Shawty go to work like it's a company

Oh oh, suck it till it's soft for me

Yeah, I keep 'em cummin' like delivery


Oh oh oh, it's all close to me

Oh oh oh, it's all close to me

I said this is the remix, let's go!

(Verse 2: Omarion)

Get get it and ya know I act a fool

I do all the shit yo man won't do

I be everywhere yo man ain't at

Just shake the booty, bitch, I ain't with that

I'm a freak, yeah, not like that

I'm a holly nigga, we don't do the back booth

If I'm in it, yeah you know I stay strapped, yeah

No, I don't need back-up

The way that she go (I'mma get it, I'mma get it, I'mma giddy-up)

All that she know (my, she don't bend on my toe)

So if yo girl come close to me, I'mma cut like surgery

Hut hut, pass it to my G, then send her home to eat and do my laundry

(Verse 3: Dej Loaf)

If yo nigga come close to me

We will make him eat this pussy appropriately

Like hmm, Cheerios La La

FIT Brown in his face, lil nah nah

Fuck the rumors, got the hoes with me

I'm a pimp, bye blood, ain't no cold fo' me

Hmm, yeah they know it's me

He a rapper but I make that nigga sing to me

Like, oh, I'm here, this is my year

I ain't goin' back, my old life is done

Ross the name, I call myself

Like a pussy nigga talkin' outta tongue

Yeah, yeah, that's how it goes with me

I just gotta check up, it ain't no hoe with me

VIP, bottles over-D

Monica's got 'em hard, don't fuzz with me

Hoe up, hoes down, all I gotta do is smile

You ain't want me back then, but I bet you want me now

Body goin' crazy, he want me to have his child

Fuckin' with 'em hoes, yeah, I heard you get around

Just grin in his ear, tell 'im I want it nice

Talkin' all that freaky shit, been tryna get him aroused

Yeah, that's how it's 'posed to be

Yeah, that's how it's 'posed to be

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