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Verse Simmonds - Miss Johnson lyrics

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I hope you are not trying to mislead me

Miss Johnson

I am really digging you i hope you really feel me

Miss Johnson

Though when i get it i am gonna get it


Late in the bed she is getting ready in the bathroom

Baby got a perfect figure like a cartoon

Call her betty boo two big boobs

I like sucking on her lips like a couple ..

Playing on the mirror she asks what i am looking at

She got sexy .. and a sexy asses

I can handle that

She like it when i say never mind i can tell it sing or rap

You look so good

You look so fine

That i wanna work that all through the night


Red lips cat shoe with a phone back

She put it on and she let me take that

When she … make a nigger break things

.. make marriage plans.. you are that lady

I hope is never changing your feelings stay the same

i really dig your body but im in love with your brain


Seems love don’t love me anymore

A new pussy is knocking at my door

As she never in the mood like she used

Maybe she fucked around got a new bo

Now she is acting brand new like a knew she would

Things never last when they seem to good

And every time i asked she says it’s all good

I wanna let her go i don’t think i could



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