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Verse Simmonds - Girl Like You lyrics

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I met a chick that I try to get a hand on

.. introduce me to your friends

I got a bottle whatever you wanna drink

Put me on a pocket baby let me in

Girl you know I get the stacks on dick

.. I know you’re here

I know what you want

I hear you screaming out

Money make it come


The way you’re shaking that on the floor

.. little dope

I know you are making money ..

Shorty I just wanna see you get low

I met a lot of girls

I’ve been around the world

I ain’t never met a girl like you

With a face so pretty

And a botty .. biggy

I ain’t never met a girl like you

Cotta get in the trunk make it ..

Got a couple .. what you want

Drop it like it’s hot

Baby burn it on the floor

Drop it real fast

Then pick it up slow

She’s a 5 baby you are a 10

.. in the air show me what it is

So fine I wanna take you where I live

Break it down down

Beak it down down

You got it right cut the play

Get the chick .. girls upset

Take a .. and last long

Never holler if the cash wrong


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