Verse Simmonds

Verse Simmonds - DNF lyrics

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Feat. Drake & Future


Ask me if I wanna check out

I put hickeys on your neck

I know that I keep you wet

You know I fuck you the best

Turn the room to a sat

Got the robbers back then

Then go down like deep, deep


They go down like did that

I show that pussy now, it’s time to write the elegy

That’s the type of shit that happen on that inner sea

I’m the one that you call when you tipsy

I’m the one that you call, baby just me

Call me, call me x 2

This is here to low ya,

So mix up on me

I just order

I’ve been fuckin’ you to sleep, what’s shit you said to me

You gonna back it up on me

Got no liquor in the fridge

Got no wally talkin’ cheap

I know Vicky let this sea but




Drunk and fuck x 3

We should just get

Drunk and fuck x 3


Drunk and fuck

Drunk and …


More rest and sex it’s all a nigga needs

Turn the lights down, don’t stress

Try to put my mind on easy

I’m not lokin’ at the phone

Too much shippin’ goin’ on,

What we got is a moment and peace alone girl

We should just get

(Bridge x 2)

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