Verse Simmonds

Verse Simmonds - Bad (Remix) lyrics

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(Feat. Tiara Thomas & Wale)

You say never made love

Well, now’s the time to make up

I know they never gave a fuck

As long as you were giving up, up.

I don’t wanna judge you

Just give me the real you

You know I would never kiss and tell

I see so much more than sex appeal!

They don’t see what I see,

They don’t have to agree,

They don’t have to believe

Just as long as you’re happy!

No, they don’t see what I see,

All the things you’ve been through,

All the love’s that’s in you

All the things that makes you,

I accept it, baby!

And your beautiful Dont You Let

nobody tell you different, baby

And no matter what,

I just wanna be the one that always kept you, baby

Never forget you, baby

When I’ll undress you, baby

We’ll make love for the very first time!

Easy, baby! I never made love

No, I never did,

But a sure know how to fuck!

I’ll be your bad girl,

I’ll prove it to you

I keep promising that I’ll be good to you!

Cause I had some issues

I won’t Commit … no, not having it

But at least I can admit that

I’ve been bad nooo , to you, to you

Yeah, I’ll be good in bed,

but I’ll be bad to you!

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