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Verona Grove - Everything You Dreamed

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You got it all in your mind, but it failed you this time, You sealed your lips, when you kissed your dreams goodbye. And now as far as I can see, I see the west coast at my feet. And I swear I could taste the salt water when they taught me how to dream. So sing it with me, Sing it with me, And tell me your not, Tell me your not, Scared of being everything you dreamed, From here to the top, Baby don’t stop. We’re taking on the world it seems. So sing it with me, Sing it with me, You start it over but the past rewinds, I’ve played the role a thousand times. We’re always searching for more and I can tell we’re getting closer tonight. So if your ready get set, go, Cause in your heart yeah, you’ll know, That this is the life this is the life you want to live. I wish I may, I wish I might Be the one you take home at night. Cause I wrote this down so we could sing. Now as the time goes by, I’m thinking this over and the days role by, Its now or never. A palm tree is like a four-leaf clover and my next wish is to be here forever

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