VAST AIRE - 9 Lashes (When Michael Smacks Lucifer) lyrics

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[Vast Aire]

One three five

I'm screaming in your face but you dont hear me tho

Gun shed, Rainbow, Harlem Nights

Where's my niggas at?

Smack you in your face, you crazy?

Y'all need to leave that crack alone

Leave that crack alone

Leave that crack alone

Leave that crack alone

I can't hear you

[Verse 1]

Y'all niggas is bitch like

cant talk your way out cant even fist fight

I think you pressed your luck

you better watch yourself the lottery's up

Two more cheers then we tip the cup

we ending carrers tonight, thats whats up

Whats up Eso, yea I called you out

its only matters of time before the bitch use out

And it's only matters of time till your teeth fall out

When you ran back home you lost your clout, Gimme that

You shoulda never started shit

now your in the corner with a bandage kit

Plus I know your jelouse of Lif

thats why he bounced on y'all, y'all 'aint doing it

He got with some real cats, thats true to this

Now your all black-listed, your ruined it

[Chorus x2]

I'm a knock y'all down a level

Sort of like when Micheal cast down the devil

Sort of like when the earth gets reduced to a peble

Sort of like when the goverment defeats the rebel

[Verse 2]

I was there when you begged El to sign you

He knew Ox was gonna blow so he didn't sign you

Wooo, I guess the secrets out

Mommy they won't play with us, then go in the house

Play time's over, close your mouth

Do all your chores and then you go out

The closet, and I think its a walk-in

With 7L behind you and he 'aint even talking

I heared your beats on ten, they 'aint even thumping

Cry now cuase your castles crumbling

And if you heared Dirty Mag, you know they fronting

You think we care what you did eight years ago

oh you were on tour with them and so and so

Weathermen, we running this shit

Likliest one in the chamber and you running your shit

What the fuck

[Chorus x3]

[RJD2 scratches to finish the track]

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