Vader - Warlords lyrics

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I stand strong and fierce

I am so mighty... I am so dark

Overlooking the battlefields below

I see my Brothers, their courage and strenght

Looking in the eyes of the Enemy Leader

The one who Lead the light

As legions march, across the withered earth

Trembling on broken human bones

All weapons drawn and sharp

My warriors, my proud of the dungeons black

Onwards to engage the Light!!! The Enemy!!!

Onwards to engage the light!!!

[Lead: Mauser / Peter]

See their skins glow, disgusting aura's

The white winged soldiers, - ooh how I hate them !!!

First blood is shed, immortal turn to mortal

My Warriors in flames

Feeding on the suffer

Onwards to engage the light!!! The Enemy!!!

Onwards to engage the light!!!

Spreadin' my draconian wings, I provoke...

I know, that victory is close

Shattered bodies lie on the ground, the smell of death is all around...

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