Vader - They Live!!! lyrics

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We stand not solitary on this world

Old songs drum in our veins

Generations of Man before me

Nod and speak somewhere inside my words

Here they live

...In my blood

[Lead: Peter]

I hear voices in the rich streams of my life

Cries and sobs, warnings and shouts

Whispers that know not of their life

That continues in the corridors of my flesh...

Here they live

...In my blood

The flash of memory that never happened

Precognition of the pattern yet to come

I see the green breast of new world

The touch of hot sand under my feet

[Lead: Mauser]

I was not there at the fall of Rome

Yet I taste the sound of the fire

And detect the sadness of the heart

That wept when their life fell apart

Here they live

...In my blood

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