Vader - Never Say My Name lyrics

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[Music: Piotr Wiwczarek, Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek]<br />

<br />

Since your rebirth<br />

I am always with you<br />

Deep in your mind<br />

Creative, protective<br />

And never forget it...<br />

<br />

I was and I am<br />

In your thoughts and your breath<br />

I dwell in your dreams<br />

I am your life and your death<br />

<br />

[Lead: Peter / Marek]<br />

<br />

I stay with you<br />

Every day, every night<br />

You hear my whispers<br />

I am your guide<br />

<br />

So never again<br />

Say my name aloud<br />

Protect what you've got<br />

And keep it away from the crowd

<br />

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