Vader - I.F.Y. lyrics

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(Originally performed by Depeche Mode

Music: Depeche Mode / Lyrics: Piotr Wiwczarek)

I feel you

Your son is dead

I feel you

Within my mind

You're fearing me

Still fearing me

My kingdom comes

You tried to do

To lead me through eternity

But this is the morning of our law

And this is the dawning of our law

I hear you

Your fadin' voice

I feel you

Die on the cross

The joy it brings

When heaven burns

Your golden gates

Don't try to do

'Cause I'll kill you eternally

This is the dawning of fallen one

And this is the fall of your nailed son

I kill you

Your holy soul

And I kill more

I feel you

Your suffer-son

My kingdom comes

I feel you

Each move you make

I feel you

What for you wait

Where angels sing

I spread my wings

See my rebirth

I'll take you down

To glory's throne

Don't ask me... why?

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