Vader - Heading For Internal Darkness lyrics

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Internal darkness ia a state of complete detachment from the world and other people. It is to be achieved with utmost difficulty and at the cost of one's self and personality. The term "darkness" refers to the state of primeval non-existence rather than

to any opposition to the ideologies of light.

Down with the gods, angels and demons,

Away with the folly of holy madness

Off with the prophets of new rebirth

Out with the promise of life after death

Where devil become another lie

Where deities crumble into dust

Where systems are but a grain of dust

Where I am the one that can't decide

In with the void from out of the space

Ahead with the light that leads nowhere

On with the collapse of world and word

Up with the plunge into myself

There I can die my seven deaths

There I should flourish in my decline

There I must lose the stairs of fate

There I will remember how to forget

Deeper and deeper, never come back

Harder and harded until it burns

Calmer and calmer, this is the quest

Softer and softer, velvet embrace

Self-forced transmigration

Witful deconstruction

Blackened emigration

I am heading for internal darkness

No touch, no sight, no smell, no taste

Without the body, without the soul

Rid of all memory, rid of all hope

That's all I want, why cannot I?

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