Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar (ra Ra Ra) lyrics

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Pretty girl

Wreckin' bar

Ra ra ra ra

Here you are.

Blowing up 'bout

twice a night

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Here I am.

The angles came and they stole Fitzgerald.

The Evening News and the Morning Herald.

I know they're not from very far,

but now they've found a box of bla-de-shwar.

Break them in

you can sing

Hey hey hey hey

Yeah you're in.

I can see them

big below

No no no no

its funny though

Let's go home I think we oughta.

I know you're your mother's daughter

Well brought up and running with me

but I haven't got the time for you.

Eager boy know we supposey

This is what you get when you turn your back.

A clear blue sky now turning black.

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