V-mob - Sleep In Silence lyrics

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I don't understand the way things

happen everyday I

wish I had control of

my life and my soul

You say to me I cannot live without you by my side

Then you left me here all alone to deal with all this pain

Take my hand now walk with me through all this cause I'll go insane

I feel empty without you here I cannot find my way my way my way

I had to say goodbye to you

I will not forget this

You will never know that

you're in my mind

I don't know how something like this could just happen to you

When will I see why you've been taken so far away from me

Now I sit here hoping to hear you or see you again

Let me go now I close my eyes Now I'm coming to see you

Never wake

Life is like a mystery I take it day by day

Left alone here in this world to Suffer constantly

I don't know what I am doing it seems I've lost my way

Wake me from this lasting dream and take my breath away

Never wake

I can't take this I lie awake every night in my bed

I can't sit here thinking about you again and again

I sort through the memories and

try to find ones that

make me who I am now

Wake me from my stay here

Take me from my place here

Wake me

Wake me

Wake me

Wake me

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