V-mob - My Asylum lyrics

rate me

it's my head

follow me to the center of my brain

i will not be here so will you explain

you can't say that you were

a friend to me now you're gone

out of my life i still

feel you inside the walls of my brain

i think i am insane

you can't see me now that i'm so fucking empty

you don't do a thing you just make me unhappy

you look at me as a way out of the pain

thinking about the way things have turned out

i just don't know what this is all about

take away

what i say

it equals nothing in my memory

everyday i am constantly feeling empty

with no words to say

you can take me as i come to you

or you can leave me here without a clue

pay attention to the words i say

you will learn my voice everyday

suffer with me help me be me

i can't hear you

take me with you when you leave here

take me with you

i can't take this take me away

i go insane

do hyou hear me can you see me

looking for you

i can't feel me

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