Utopia - Mated

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Everyone asks

Are we some kind of lovers?

Everyone asks what you're doing with me

I know this is not what they want

They're afraid you've been blinded

But I already know how it's going to be

If anyone should ask

Say we're mated

For as long as this life lasts

We are mated

Why else would you be here right now

And you know we'll still be here tomorrow

Nobody else understands what I'm doing

Nobody else makes me act in this way

And because they can't comprehend

What we mean to each other

They won't leave you alone

So you know what to say

I hold you in my heart

'cause we're mated

In a very special part

We are mated

Why else would I be here right now

And you know I'll still be here tomorrow

I see things far aheadmaybe light

Maybe beautiful children

I don't have words I'm thinking of

But it's way beyond what they call love

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