Utopia - Jealousy

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It wasn't really nothin'

I was just trying to have some fun

I let my guard downI just turned 'round

Someone slashed me with a razor tongue

It's a strange situation

I'm not quite sure what it means

The one I admiremy simple desire

Smothered by a love gone green

Must be jealousymust be 'cause it sounds like

Jealousymust be 'cause it looks like

Jealousymust be 'cause it smells like

Jealousymust be 'cause it feels like

Eyes are drilling holes in the back of your head

Someone's got the number of your death bedstepping into


You're ready for a comeback

You're back on your feet again

You think you're out from under

You hear a crack of thunder

Someone stabs you with a poison pen

If you try fightin' dirty

Just try to keep it clean

'cause no amount of trying and no amount of crying

Can save you from a love gone green

Must be jealousy

End of the dance and the loss of innocence

Jealousy drags me to my knees

Battered by a love gone green

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