Utopia - If I Have To Be Alone (Up Against It Version)

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If I have to be alone

Then I should make my mind serene

After all you're born alone, you die alone

You might as well spend every moment in between alone

But if I have to be alone

Then it will be on my own terms

I can never talk about it, ever show it

Even though the world is watching while I squirm alone

And your bleeding heart friends say, "Isn't it sad?"

Then they go make love

While you go insane. Insane!

It drives you mad! Mad!

My mind, I love my mind

And if no one can feel the same

I'm a computer with a name

And I've got no one else to blame

If I have to be alone

And if nobody understands

That special creature that is me

And if they fail to see the me I see

Then no one else knows truly what it means

To be alone

Maybe once in a lifetime you lose your will

Then you can let down your guard

But they cower in fear. In fear.

It makes you ill! Ill!

My heart, my burning heart

And if no one will quench the flame

I'm not obliged to do the same

And then they'll have to share the blame

Because I have to be alone

Because I have to be alone

But I don't want to be alone

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