Utopia - Caravan

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Moses went into the desert

Moses came back with the law

Jesus went into the desert

God only knows what he saw

Hitch up your ass and your camel

Fill up your skin at the well

Roll up your tentwhisper your prayers

Are you ready to ride through hell

Caravan moving through the night

Sleeping in the light of day

Caravan spinning through the void

On our way to anywhere

Caravan time is just a joke change is all we


Caravan life is a mirage

Only a mirage dancing on the desert sand

How I recall all the mountains

How I remember the farm

Oh how I miss the big city

With a pretty girl on my arm

Sell my best friend for some water

Cut off my leg for some shade

Sunburn these thoughts from my memory

If I live I will be remade

The sand is like a razor

Slashing at my face

Everyone's in panic but you can't see any place

It's a sand stormtaken by surprise

Hide beneath your wrappings and cover up your eyes

Well I lost my kit and camel

Maybe I will die

Feel so lost and helpless and I think I'm gonna cry

It's a sand stormnothing you can do

No one knows if it will last

No one knows if you will make it through

It's been so long without water

Vultures are filling the air

Where is that bloody oasis

Must be around here somewhere

Time for some strong meditation

Time for the ultimate change

Time to make peace with your maker

Everything has been prearranged

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