Until Rain

Until Rain - Adaptability

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We've reached the end of timeThe gates of dawnThe edge of nightRemember all the things you've learntKeep those secrets in your heartFinding your dreamsYou discovered one loveOne that never diesWalking out of my doorI travel the worldBreathing the air, I breathe the taste of lifeI leave behind that placeI spent a thousand nightsClimb so high their wallsI make my way through the deadlightsRise from bed I run awayAll alone now, I walk a lonely shore, Trying to live again these momentsI realize the feel is goneGod I'm so glad nowStill I can feel the morning breezeUpon my lips, it feels so cold, So real, so pure, so strongBut day after dayI felt her kindness wore awayAn empty rusty trainIm so lost on love's mysterious railOh God, how much I wanted her to stayThey are calling me tonightMy Dreamworld memoriesWas no one thereTo hold on tightAlone you were my childAnyway these days are goneMirrors speak what they say I'm oldTheres so much pain this heart can't take it any moreI hear her voice, strange games we playHow she's touching my face I can't run awayI can't believe that Rita Kane is standing before my eyesAnd yet shes there, but my eyes say no, I can feel her pulse that beats upon my ownShe is calling me tonightThe woman in my dreamsWas no one thereMy faith has diedWe finally reuniteThe dream is realI now believeI come to you tonightStill her ghost appears every starless night, It sits upon my bed, In the candles light.I remember the days, ohWe danced like were one.I remember the days, We walked in the sand.Didnt wanna see, Didnt wanna feelDidnt want your love, I didnt want you to die.Never wanted dreams, Never wantedDoomed, forever blindMade my life an eternal nightHaunted until I dieI gave my love to a ghostAnd now I pay the priceI wake in the night an I find you thereTiptoeing naked then you lay in my bedCurled beside me I taste your freezing breathFolding around me I feel the zephyr of deathTricks of your mind its just a crazy illusionOh talk to me, hold me tightIsolated, I locked myself in seclusionStay with me let us ride the nightThere by the shoreNot alone anymoreSits a man that turns his lifeInto a strange distant songThen he turns onto the seaAnd he speaks outHis void soliloquyStargazing childI take my leaveMy journey ends todayAnd now its time you knowIt seems so long agoYears tend so quick to flowSo long agoReturn to me, return to lifeLeave the Reign of Dreams behindDeny your death, deny this lieStay with meLet us ride the nightFinding your dreamsYou discovered one loveYou may close your eyes

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