Unshaken - The Way

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Living everyday and I keep putting on my mask

I wanna change, but I'm too insecure to ask

Would receive it, I need to see it

Or would you laugh it all off and make-believe it

Why do I hate what I have become

It seems the more that I try the less I overcome

And I can't rewind the hands of time and try to find

Where I was blind and change my mind

I see the way you're living and it's starting to make me sick

You have the cure and I'd do anything to it

My thoughts scrambled, my mind mangled

The confusion is more than what I can handle

Please give me what I need

My eyes can't see this clearly

Please give me what I need

Show me the Way

A little bit of nothing is a whole lot of what I've got

I'll keep on giving and I'll give it my very best shot

Keep my eyes on getting the prize won

I'm never going back to the place where I came from

Hey, you know, this might be worth it

Even though I know that I don't deserve it

My breathe I wasted, defeat I tasted

Now it's all gone and His love replaced it

I kiss it good-bye, yes I kiss it good-bye, oh

I never want to see it again that right, yo

Taunt me, flaunt me, even try to haunt me

Try to slow me down, but I know you'll never stop me

You gave me what I need

My eyes now se so clearly

You gave me what I need

You showed me the Way

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