Unlv - Yell'as Revenge lyrics

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Original dan-da-da mi say boy, uh boy (it aint over yet)

Original dan-da-da mi say boy

(All right yall, all right yall)

Return of UNLV nigga (all right yall), Trend Setters (all right yall)

Get at me, (all right yall) what (All right yall)

Trend setter fa ya ass

Lil Ya run the beat now boy one time

{Verse 1: Lil Ya}

Peep it, It aint over ya'll I got some shit on my chest

These niggaz bitin our beats givin me reasons to flex

You know they know, when we catch em we gon rag em

Tie them clowns up 3rd ward style, commits to drag 'em

Through the fuckin river, shit is realer than it ever been

Them sucka's playin knowin how the "U" spin the bin

And when I'm mad aint no tellin what Lil Ya do

Run in yo crib, kill yo kids and ya Mama too

Then find you and make you pay fa what you done to my dog

30, 30 gettin dirty ready to take ya wig off

I fuck with Marlbaro to try to keep my self stable

Loadin guns at the brown table

Now I'm able, capable to take another one out

Loose lips, sank ships shouldn't of been runnin ya mouth

Now I'ma ride out after I kill and destroy

This is revenge fa my lil nigga...

Bad Ass Yella Boy

Now you could copy all ya wanna, you could even try to sing it

But none of yall niggaz can bring it like we bring it

This aint no remake horsenapper we the real MCcoys

This is revenge fa my lil nigga...

Bad Ass Yella Boy

Clique tight with my group and I'm lettin them guns rang

Matched up, dressed in black and I'm throwin them thangs

Kept it low and on the tuck for about 4 years

But now you niggaz gotta pay there's, no more tears

Now a rumor done got out that UNLV's comin again

Motha fucka that means that nobody sells tapes again

Took a blow to the group, but we troops: We never die

I told ya'll motha fuckers time after time

We Uptown Niggaz Livin Violent, violent

Now I'ma ride for the sake of just ridin

The Hood Mac and Flexis hit the block and now they hidin

Revenge fa what ya'll did to one of my friends

I got my money right so we could go to war, spin the bin

All that yappin but I'll get loaded again

Don't make me shoot a bag and go to cave ya bitches chest in

Now I'ma ride after I kill and destroy

This is revenge fa my lil nigga Bad Ass Yella Boy

Call shots like yall get blood clots, don't try nigga

We come to drag 'em once again spin the bin with the 4-10

Leavin a note around his neck that reads:

Yella revenge

I caught him slippin at the liquor store

Cock the four, kick the door, he scream like a hoe

"Ya don't shoot me no more" (fa sho)

You betta be lookin for some bullet proof head gear

Fuck the dumb shit I'm takin dome shots this year

Knock ya down like they did the St. Thomas

Leave bitches in shock and niggaz next to comas

Look, I wait behind the mailbox, my disquise is smooth

Fitted like a business man rockin Timberland boots

Smokin the Gru that I told ya put the evil on my mind

While I wait to buck this nigga with this nine, so stop cryin

Which one of you motha fuckers got the nuts to run up on us?

Get sliced up by us, when I get to use the Mac ninety

Get real grimey, skedatle to the West where you can't find me

I can mother fucker do a 90

I got these niggaz hostage, this bitin gotta stop bitch

Everything we make you bitches jockin tryna copy it

Ride on out, I don't want no mother fuckin dap

Now who killed my boy Yella aka Fella?

Hard head rapper crushin ya bone

I be eager to kill a nigga dump his body in the river

On the realla boy I'ma familiar Guerrilla

Ya'll know I'm steady thuggin

Huffin and puffin you niggaz buggin

The Hood Mac and Flexis hit the block and start the bustin

Jeah, jeah UNLV nigga, Trend Setters

Representin fa life

We do our thing nigga, we brang it

Jeah my nigga Sinista fiyah ass nigga on the trizzack

Ya Hooorrdd Me?

Uh huh, and um, and um

Rest In Peace Yella, jeah

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