Unlv - Uptown 4 Life

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[Lil Ya]

MAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! We need to run that....U.P.T. FOR LIFE!!!!!!!


Damn nigga!

[Chorus: Yella, Lil Ya, & Tec-9]

Get Into It With A Nigga Gotta Tote My Gun


Get Into It With A Nigga Gotta Tote My Gun,

It's plain to see, you can't change me I'm a Uptown nigga for life! [x2]

[1st Verse: Tec-9]

Nigga it's judgment day, can you face these 3 niggas actin' reckless

Jack ya for your necklace, the rhyme specialists

Sportier than the sport itself, droppin' these bustas like flies, I despise

As I shoot ya down look me in my eyes,

AND YOU WILL KNOW, you wouldn't have to think ya bigger

BECAUSE YOU KNOW, that I'm the one who pulled the trigger

BLOODY BODIES 226 hit nigga

BLOODY BODIES I'm wettin' up your Hilfiger

Step aside nigga Uptown is on the way

>From the Mac Melph Calio all strapped with K's

Catch a muthafucka sleep and I'll wet ya down

When I creep the last thing you remember is my frown

Suckas fakin' it cuz a nigga from the U be makin' it

You can call me the 9-6 pissy bomb,

You can call me the 9-7 Deion

This clique this clique be fully equipped, equipped

Disrespect the 2-2-6 and you get whipped, flipped, chipped

Back to Bustaland,

I know you see the semi-automatic that I'm holdin' in my right hand

I got a closet full of T-shirts with homies on em

Wonderin' when my face is gonna be on one

I find myself gettin' off into alot of drama

Protect the cocaine, protect my Mama

Fuck chasin', I'm waitin' patient in your daughter

You underestimated me, but I'm rock hard

The game's the same, you disrespect you lose your brain

(WHY TEC????)

Cuz I'm an Uptown nigga for life!


[2nd Verse: Lil Ya]

Nigga I just touched ground I gotta get Uptown

I'm strapped and yeah I'm trapped, pushin' weight and fuckin' with that furl

And I can't stop, because it's my way of survivin'

Doin' what I gotta do to make a fuckin' living

I'm doin' my own thing

Born to let my nuts hang

I got a fresh bundle full of dimes and now it's time to slang

I hit the set BET CHECK I'M IN EFFECT!

And if ya fall short, BITCH YA BODY I GOTS TO WET!

I gotta have it, I gots to have it silly rabbit

I'm like fork diggin' in your heart trigger smart

Street smart, aimin' at your head in the dark

Don't make me start pluckin' at'cha bitch

They gone read my raps and say I'm straight and I never miss

Shit,I represent, that U.P.T.

I'm givin' shots to my homies off of Valence street

Much love to them niggas with the 2-23's

And all the ballas, playas, and gangstas that run with me

My dog Sloop, my nigga Nu-Nu, Tony, Fat, Shorty

Wee, Lil Tee, Wild Jack and my Uncle Hardy

Tee, that nigga B.G., Herc, and Nico

I had rights done to say the gangstas rest in peace though

Gary, Lil Wallace, Fred, Nookie, and Lil' Tyron

Jamie, Laurie, Pops, P, and my homie Byron

Levi, Ty, Mike, Jake, and my people Snake

Uptown's the shit for the 9-6 bitch!


[3rd Verse: Yella]

I'm so wild, that I think I oughtta hang with Niggas

And start bustin' at them boys in blue who playa hatin'

The Southern niena bursts ain't nothin' but a death circle

Lil' children gettin' sliced while they watchin' Urkel

It's five o clock, nigga you bouts to loose your knees

It's snaps boys who be totin' them 2-23's

Or watch me ball on the heat back in '83

On top of that here come the po-po's rest in peace they will be

Don't try to dodge us, chances slim as Roger

I bucks Roger's, pourin' hits like the Dodgers

I'm all about survival, and dead on arrival

Blowin' shit to my rivals under accounts from the assualt rifle

I'm here to dismantle and cause a defect in your life

I'm on a rampage, time to gather all the GATS

Cuz I'll come through, and I'ma leave you haters on the flats

And you'd wish me, that I'm a nigga who don't handle biz

We live by the trig, we die by the trig

Evidently, you done made a weak, freak move

I break crews goin' chop hittin' non-stop

And I was taught to make your heart stop, body drop

Now tears drop, nigga you done picked him off my block

And that's why you got served, nigga you must learn

You fall short, the desert Eagle's gonna make you burn

The shit is real, now do you feel me?

Cuz if you don't your bodies gonna get tied

For a long ride,

In my trunk, I wonder, if Harriet Tubman had the chance

Would she have learned to do the Eddie Bauer dance?

Wow, how, quickly would we have got in that water for her?

Sellin' quarters

Fuck sittin' in the back of the bus, bitch gimme this bus

I woulda did more than fuss

I would have upped a big pistol, guns from the 2-2-6

Black Connection you bitch you

[Chorus x2]

[Lil Ya]


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