Unlv - Pocket Full of Furl lyrics

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Where the furl nigga? where the earl nigga?

Gonna get ya fuckin' mind right.

Tell me where the furl nigga. where the furl nigga?

Gonna get ya fuckin' mind right.

Where the furl nigga? where the furl nigga?


I got a pocket full of furl! (hello!)

So won't you go and get the earl!!


I got a pocket full of furl! (hello!)

And I'm gon' send you in that world.

I don't give a fuck who you be

You ain't finna sell no fuckin' furl in that 1-2-3

You can be tony montana in this bitch with a boatload of furl nigga you still

Ain't sellin' shit

Start robbin' niggas back in 1993 and if you come on my set

Then nigga ya gots to face me

6 slugs strong comin' straight from that 3

I'm gettin' you full of thatboy

Nigga I know you know me.


Bitch peep me out I'm on the set pushin' that boat

Listenin' to a nida cuz that bitch brings me joy

Nigga walked up said he was sick and needed a hit

And so I tooked the 14 fuck the 6 I can't sweat it

The seater push my shit cuz I'm tryin' to make a mill

No time to chill because I gotta pay my bills

And slippin' in the game(mm mm)i ain't havin' it

That's why (when I'm on the set I'm always packin' my gat nigga)

In case a nigga try to nut upget bucked up

And run up and jump up

I have to leave ya fucked up

I know my furl be fuckin' with yo' mind

Cuz it's that torture and your makin' lines(3 whole lines)

I got that fireso won't ya come and buy a

Bag of that hellodowntown niggas door to door



Gimme that boygimme that dopeI'm bout to go in that world

Get on the micbuy big roofersget a bag of that furl

It's my money so I bought it

My noseso I snorted

I tried it the first time and you know I got retarted

I was spooked as the fuck

Thought that I was in a maze

That nasty raw had a b.g. like me feelin' dazed

I went inside draggin' that monkey on me

My momma dis-owned me

That furl owned me

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I was on that fuckin' b and it had me real lazy

Now that b.g. graduated got me feelin' real crazy

I started scratchin' and scratchin'

Started itchin' and itchin'

Pullin' my trigger till it's clickin' if a nigga start bitchin

I got a habit got me trippin'

Gat right beside me

Dope got me wanted for 3 armed robberies

FuckI'm trapped

I need a shoulder to lean

15 (what you is? )

A strung out dope fiend


Motherfucker you touch my bagthen nigga you bought that bag

Niggas leanin' to catch the habit but I just can't have it

Although I fly all night and serve 'em proper

The money hungry crimp stopper

That fuckin' ? ? ?

Nigga hit me with that 580

If I'm busy i'ma send you to grab my old lady

Stationary nigga I ain't playin' on the real

That same torture that brought ya to that other level took a ride bout ya

And stopped them water ? ? ? ?

Same dope man look here

Who would ever thought that dope would take a nigga under

Sometimes I wonder why all these niggas around me

Could it be they want a bag of that capital t-e-c

Goddamnwhat a nigga will do for a program

Who I amthe motherfuckin' dope man

For sure falldon't make me go and get my four four bulldog

Because you know I'm gonna act a fuckin' peer hog

I got gramshalf a grambundles and them whole thangs

I'm all about that 11 5 man



Just gots to pack itI'm in the back of the cabby

Readin dear abby

Like a cool john dillinger up in the 90's

Shots open I got just what's the fuck you need

All you snorters and you shooters come and see me

I'm on the block with the raw like you never saw

I got a pouch full of shells from my sawed off

Hit you in ya habit daddy

I'm goin' all the way out

You heard we gots the fire now you startin' to bad mouth

But we's a click that won't quit

Got ya bitches sick

Ya got a bag from the fella now ya full

The fuck I'm never puttin' over a half up on my product

Now you can look if you deal with me

Stay real with me

And I just might throw you a extra bag

Issue out some samplesthey runnin' like earl campbell

If you fall short I gots to make you out of an example

You bitch you (you bitch you)

And we gots that furl


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