Unlv - Lost and Turned Out lyrics

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[Hook: Tec-9]

Little miss hot pants runnin the streets

Tryin to come up on a couple of G's

Infatuated by the Bling Bling

Such a shame to see she's lost in time daaaaaaaawwwwwwwwggg

Lost in time daaaaaaawwwwwwwwwggg

[Verse 1: Tec-9]

Now my theory is clearly controversial

But let a nigga speak on it because this shit is universal

Dont need rehersal to tell yall how it really goes

Yall see it like I see it, a high in tight clothes

Earings everywhere but where they supposed to go

The legs fold with the high pro glow

15 and lied and said she 17, so misguided

She didnt even have a dream, shes so excited

That she got a little shape

Got ya self caught up and now they got ya shape on tape

Now what ya daddy gon think when he see dat

Ya betta hope dat ya daddy dont see dat

So embarressed 'til one day she decided to run away

And thats when my man introduced her to Yay

Coke fiend still in her teens, sellin her body

Lost in time dawg and she cant even hide it

Ya heard me


[Verse 2: Lil Ya]

Now I'ma take it back to when it first started

When we used to chill slingin rocks, drinkin 40's

Shorty used to peep a playa out through the window

13 years old aww she's gonna be a nimpho

Claim to be grown, she never respected her mama

Tried to leave home and then she ran into some drama

Met a old tymer who turned her out on that crack

Ya gettin real small yet ya stomach lookin fat

Started poppin pills left the baby in the trolly

Thought you had a man 'til ya found he wasnt for it

Now ya kinda drove all alone 14

Sprung to the streets cause use a dope fiend

Cant go home cause ya know ya burned some bridges

Messed up wit moms tryna be that man's mistress

It aint the first time I done saw what yall tossed

Baby thought she knew what she was doin she was lost


[Verse 3: ??]

Girl maintain, dont let that jive tape sent to you drive you insane

If he aint right by you, you know what you need to do

Leave that busta dont take the abuse you dont need that sucka

Hold on be strong you can carry on without that trouble

Dont doubt yaself girl as long as you got ya health girl

You could do yourself stop dependin on the streets fa help

Beutiful black queen you a Gem, diamonds cant compare

When you pass you got me chokin gaspin fa air

Independent women taken care of business

Live ya life you dont need to be stressed in this world

That aint right I feel yo pain

Dont get fed up you got to keep ya head up

Maintain ya frame of mind

Peep game when its rainin


Peepin all around nobody dont even remember your name

People think ya burned out and thats a shame

How ya felt short to the pimpin game

Peepin all around nobody dont even remember your name

People think ya burned out and thats a shame

How ya felt short to the pimpin game


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