Unlv - Jazzy Bitch lyrics

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Verse one: {lil' ya}

I can never run out of bitches to right about it

My forget they name but I got game

That's how I get them out

I told ya bout demetriceevetand sabrina

Never gave you the low on this stank hoe

Katrina I seen herwalkin' out the melph by herself

She's a bad bitch from uptown who lived in the melph

I introduced myself it's the capital ya

Ok? she asked me what I like to drink

I told her alaza and by the way

You need to pick up some of that foolishness

It makes me hardwhen I start I don't want to quit

Man I punched this hoeI wore the pussy out and

Before I leftbest believe I got them out

I told you I'm a gangster and I just

Don't quit so I'm a talk some mroe shit bout

Another bitch I got partna out the three we call

Him teenow me and my nigga tee was fuckin' the same

Bitch named nickynicky was the spanish type of bitch

Who liked the sexshe was down for havin' sex

But I was in it for her checks

She lived near the nellI told the bitch to give me some mail

She took me to dinnerbroke me off I ended up in her

Nowyella boy you my nigga I know you don't trip

But after the chorus won't ya brag for a bitch

Chorus: {lil' ya}

Lil' ya got a gangsta jazzy bitch

Yella boy got a gangsta jazzy bitch

Tec-9 got a gangsta jazzy bitch

But we lookin' for them bitches with them

Real big butts


Second verse: {yella boy}

My story starts about my baby mama

Mother fuck yaI wish I never met ya

Keep my name off yabam-mouse!

I can shake itcuz I caught ya loose

I'm sick of tired of the right's to left's and

The uppercuts I had to throw

Now I'm goin' solo hoe

Ya seeI want a popper from the south

So she work her mouthplus my long dick

Make her scream and shout

Now where the big booty bitches who can really bounce

Stroke it up at the teli or at my house

I like to tear them hoes up when I'm full of

That dopeservin' up with the dick down they throat

Like scopeI'm come through like a gun at the head

Hold the noiselet's get busy fuck the jeep check

I'm down with dackaree go down the pussy

Dizzynow tell me do you feel the heat in yo stomach dizzy

Break it off for the record let my boy's hit it

Fuck a niceI want a real freaky bitch

Cuz I'm a gee runnin' game catch the m o four

To be with me you got to be low down and dirty hoe

Pussy weigh uptown cuz I'm a clown

Turnin' you bitches smile into a frown

Undercover freak I brought ya self-sex out

Skeet skeet from yo hip to yo titte hoe

I want the whole nine yard's plus yo heart hoe

I want ya to back the fuck up

Take a step back hoe

It's the fella with the chuck's

Comin' to rip wrap up them bitches

On the floor with the hoe bro

You see me in the mall spendin' what the fuck I want hoe

All xl polo's with boo-koo thirty six waist girbauds

Chorus: {2x}

Third verse: {tec-9}

From the nine-five to the nine-six

I switched around my life

Last night I fucked kangol's wife

It's like over and over

We twerk it on up

Got to keep my eye's on these bitches

Out for my riches

They need they hair fixed and start to schemenin'

Them dirty hoes

Tec-9 what ya like? I like a pretty little bitch

Tec-9 what ya like? I like a fine ass bitch

Tec-9 what ya like? well as a matter of fact I like a bitch

Who ain't afraid to suck the bozack

My bitches is trippin'got a mind full of silly games

It's such a shame I had to diss the hoe

Now I'll be solo now picture me

Pimpin' a flock of hoes got 'em workin' on the streets

And I'm at home gettin' my dicked sucked up

Under the sheets I stroke the pussy

To left I stroke the pussy to the right

Hot blowedI'm releasin'' down yo throat

It's four thirty in the mornin' got to make it home

Before my wife wakes up and know she sleep alone

It's the same rotation as I apply the penetration

To yo bodyI'm smokin' I'm fatty the moment is right

You call me daddyit's like over and over

You twerk it on up but we lookin' for

Them bitches with the real big butts

Now the sweat from your forehead is

Drippin' in my chest no fakin' no more

Because you know you dealin' with the best

You want a key to my padbut you tweekin'

You try'na find a way to straight trap me

Chorus: {2x}

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