Unlv - Eddie Bow lyrics

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Sweatin' so hard you need three or four towels,

Check out my new dance that I call the Eddie Bow

Shake your fuckin' hands, then you take a another chance

Won't you twerk wit your legs, now you're doin' my dance

[Chorus: Tec-9]

Won't you bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow,

Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow

[1st Verse: Tec-9]

Won't you bow for the Melphanine?

Won't you bow for the Josephine?

Won't you bow for the Calliope?

I saw now bow for the Calliope

Won't you bow for the Magnolia?

Won't you bow for the Magnolia?

I was chillin' in a club, niggas on my jock

As I watched cruddy hoes pussy pop pop pop

I said I'm straight out the third and I don't give a fuck

Now let me hit'cha from the back and get my fuckin' dick sucked

All you got to do, is keep on some fresh gear

Them hoes'll sweat a nigga like cheerleaders on a fuckin' field

Gimme a beat, and throw the Bally's on your feet

And forget about the people for the Polo you see?

Who I'm talkin' to? Yes you not the Allah

Hey sweatin' so hard you need three or four towels


[2nd Verse: Lil Ya]

And I'ma teach not to ever try to battle me

I fucked with this one nickel nigga up on Eagle Street

Cuz I'ma talk about the hoes who like to ride that dick

They talkin' shit about they want they fuckin' hair fixed

And runnin' game, is boku weed

I got to talk about them talk about them bald head freaks

Bitch I'm a donkey, ride I just don't care

I keep on kickin' it bout them hoes with the real short hair

Now who I'm talkin' to? Yes you not the Allah

Hey sweatin' so hard you need three or four towels

Won't you bow for a nigga that keeps it live?

Won't you bow for my boys off Second and Drive?

Won't you bow for Fourth street?

Won't you bow for Sixth street?

I said now bow for Willow street

Won't you bow for Eagle street?

I was doin' about sixty on my candy apple lady Lee

I met a hoe that they call Kiki

Cruisin' down the ave. when I met this hoe

I said get in the back we goin' straight to the Rochambeaux

In the hotel I'm bout to rock her World

Then I pulled down her pants and then I smelled a fuckin' smell

I said you not burnin' me like the Devil in Hell

Yo I'll go again with my last story to tell, but first...


[3rd Verse: Tec-9]

Now I left the stupid bitch in the Rochambeaux

Blew another big weed and easily crept out the door

Then I jumped on my bike because I'm on the move again

Runnin' boku game on hoes as if I need a girlfriend

It is hot in this mutha and you thinkin' bout ya mother

Sweat drippin' down your face, fuckin' right you need a towel


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