Under The Weather

Under The Weather - Free Thought

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Don't live fearing or fighting for a meaning

We're not suppose to know


is my solution to answers

your bible calls a sin

It's evolution

Free thought's not bought

and if you stop and think

That's why they're not selling it (to you)

Don't give in or give up on understanding

Cuz that's all we got

Hope helps us to breathe and find our way

through evolution the color of hope

beats a world of grey it's my solution

God don't know what I'm feeling

And I'm not scared to face life all on my own

And the lord says think not for yourself

close thy mind & with generous donation

you shall gain generous salvation

Show me your god I'll show you my mine

We can pretend we're all gonne win

Life is a joke where noone laughs at the end

so why are you so scared

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