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Uncle Mingo - Bottle Of Moonlight

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<b>Bottle Of Moonlight</b> by <i>Uncle Mingo</i><br />

Sometimes I go back to that night when the wind hits my hair

And pieces of my memory come back to take me there

For a moment I am drifting with the wind across the sea in the hemisphere

that's south of here where the fruit grows in the trees

There is where I met my fair Spanish maiden with flowers in her hair

She spoke to me I did not understand but she did not seem to care

(CHORUS) Mas despacio, no comprende, no entiendo- what you say?

- I can not understand you but I love you anyway

- Yo lo tengo- A Bottle of Moonlight & sand beneath my feet on that Caribbean


- Reach right up and touch the sky, surrounded by the contents of the Bottle of

Moonlight that's within your eyes

She doesn't speak a bit of English, and yo no hablo Espanol

- We have better conversations than most people that I know

- All those fancy Spanish words to me they don't make beans,

but when she looks me in the eyes I know just what she means

- A common language we don't have, but what we've got is a mutual understanding

- When your words must speak for love, then what you've got has become all too



So we were married on the beach in a chapel made of sand

- Jose Cuervo was the priest and a lime was my best man

- We made are vows, and took our cares and threw them all away

- We danced along the moonlit shores and limboed the night away

- And even now when the wind will blow sometimes I can still hear her say

"and now I know you've got to go, but I'll wait for you come back to me some



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