Uncle 36 Sec

Uncle 36 Sec - I'm Alive

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* I'm Alive, I'm alive, alive, Baby I'm Alive

Yes I'm Alive, I'm alive, alive, Baby I'm Alive

I love you baby, the feeling's all around me

I want you baby, all night long

When we're together, the dream has no ending

Let's come together and sing our song

** I'm thinking of you, of you

I wanna love you, love you

I can't deny the way I feel

* Repeat

Uuh, uuh....

You mystify, touch me in the right way

You keep me hanging, on and on

You cannot hide, I know you want me

Come, baby, let's get it on

** Repeat

* Repeat

Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs

Set out to live life, let's timewarp

Back to the stage of the modern life

Age of the dumb, the pretty people,

Let's turn the page

Bomb the bass, the bass in your face

To let you know the reason I'm on your case

I'm like a warlock, drop spells of magic

Keepin' it live, that's it!

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