Ultimatum - The Grip

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My soul cries out to do God's will, but my flesh it longs to sin.

A battle that's raging deep within but to sin I won't give in.

Sin can't have it's grip on me cause Jesus death has set me free.

A vessel of flesh I might be but Christ's Spirit strengthens me.


Break the grip of my will, sinful flesh I must kill.

Break the grip of binding sin when to Christ you give in.

Do you live in tomb of your will, sin is a deceiver seeking to kill.

Your soul will find rest in God alone, invite Him inside, put Him on the throne.

Jesus broke the chains of binding sin,

ask forgiveness and acceptance from Him.

He will break the grip that binds your soul.

He'll return the joy the devil stole.


My soul cries out to do God's will.

(John 16:11, Romans 3:23, 6:23, 7-8, 14:7)

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