Ultimatum - Symphonic Extremities

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Together in the likeness of his death, look for his appearing until my last breath,

knowing the old man is crucified, hell and the grave are now denied.

Reckon yourselves dead unto sin, alive in Christ,

salvation through him, sin shall not have it's domain,

grace is the one that shall remain.


The truth I bring to you in song, no poser words to steer you wrong,

Symphonic Extremities, to guide you where you ought to be.

They sing of hate, death and decay, who is the one you will obey,

whether of sin and unto death or of obedience and righteousness.

Device of death we will not be, we give an answer to Christ you see,

we offer you an alternative, we don't just take, we want to give.


(Matthew 15:16, Romans 6)

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