Ultimatum - Shroud Of Science

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Since when is reality limited

to your scientific claims; there are things that can't be seen.

Look around at the beauty around you.

We are not an accident, there is meaning to this life.

State theory as if it's fact,

dismissing creation as a myth, materialism is your kick.

Cold facts distorting the truth.

Fossil records donít hold up; Darwin's theory is a farce.

I am blinding. I am jaded. I am theory masked as fact.

I am blinding. I am jaded. All live underneath my shroud.

I am shroud of science. (4x)

Lost identity, results of the big lie.

Moral decay the consequence of a world that's meaningless.

Play the fool, professing to be wise.

The wisdom of this world is not, it's foolishness in God's eyes.

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