Ultimate Sacrifice

Ultimate Sacrifice - The American Way

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Find a friend, lose control

Fall in love and lose your soul

Settle down, buy a ring

Wait awhile, have a fling

Work it out, raise a kid

Then look back at what you did

Never alone, so it's okay

Just livin' life the American Way

Life and liberty

The pursuit of happiness

A freedom country, yet

The chains still bind our wrists

Whatever happened to the thankfulness?

Run the race, don't get behind

Win the game and lose your mind

Nine to five, you finally arrived

But mixed up lived with survived

Own a house, drive two cars

Quit cigarettes and smoke cigars

Never alone, yeah it's okay

Just living life the American Way

Sixty one, the heart is gone

The game is over, but was it won

The kids are grown and she'll be fine

But all of that is left behind

What can be seen on the other side

Is there a place to run and hide

Finally alone, I hope it's okay

It was a life lived the American Way

The American Way

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