Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe - Sin City

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Written by scottyoung and young (ac/dc)

Diamonds and dust

(home at last) poor man lastrich man first


Dry martinisshangri-la

I got a burning feeling

Deep inside of me

It's yearning

But I'm going to set it free

I'm going in to sin city

I'm gonna win in sin city

Where the lights are bright

Do the town tonight

I'm gonna win in sin city

(I'm gonna rule you baby)

Ladders and snakes

Ladders givesnakes take

Rich manpoor manbeggarmanthief

Ain't got a hope in hellthat's my belief

Fingers freddydiamond jim

They're getting readylook out I'm coming in

So spin that wheelcut that pack

And roll those loaded dice

Bring on the dancing girls

And put the champaign on ice

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