Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe - Little Red Man

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American flag wraps round the pole

And the little red man is taking control

The man with the puppet

Starts to juggle your dreams

And the world that you live

May not be what it seems

Hold onto sorrowit constantly lies

And the things that I thought always kept me in stride

Smoke cigarettes till the light came to see

Read the fine print on the wrong guaruntee

Little red man

You're kind of young

Now it's time to retreat

You're the right peoplethe wrong ones for me

Some turn to apples and lemons of spice

Wings of tomorrow will swallow your pride

I'm just a dreamerswimming in my mind

I'm just a dreamer in my mind

I'm just a dreamerlaughing into mine

I'm just a dreamer in my mind

Drinking the sunlight

The salt from the sea

You're the wrong peoplethe right ones for me

Circular motions and things that are found

Wings of tomorrow you won't hear a sound

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