Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe - God

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Written by ugly kid joe

Godplease push me in the right direction

GodI'm hoping that you'll understand

GodI'm trying to make amends now

GodI'm asking for your guiding hand

Everybody's got the wrong opinion

Everybody says what's on their mind

Everybody's got the wrong tradition

Everybody pray to the man

GodI'm reading in your holy books now

GodI'm singing and I'm not afraid

GodI'm looking for the only way out now

GodI'm hoping that I can be saved

Everybody's got the wrong religion

You won't say what's on your mind

Some won't hear why others listen

Everybody pray to the man

Why don't you ever answer questions

Now my faith is slipping away

I'm looking in a different direction

Believing is the only way

Everybody's got their own tradition

(everybody's got the wrong religion)

Everybody's got their own salvation

(everybody's got the wrong submission)

Everybody's got their own religion

(everybody's got the wrong tradition)

Everybody pray to the man

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