Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Turn It Up (Refried)

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Turn it up, turn it up

Turn it up, turn it up

Turn it up, turn it up

Turn it up, turn it up

Louder, louder

Louder, louder

Louder, louder

Watch your ears, we're gonna drop the bomb

Plug it in, turn it on, turn it up, come on

Yo Greg put us in the red, shake the lead

Cause we gotta get it loud enough to wake the dead

Even in a library or an old folks home

We raise the low tone till the speaker's blown

Overloaded to the max, song one to the final track

On ten and eleven if it's Spinal Tap

When you rock just let the fiber optics pound

So they can knock you down like drop kicks

Your head spinnin, your heartbeat's irregular

Eardrums ringin, so words don't register

It's not classical, jazz or easy listening

This one is to be blasted like nitroglycerine

Don't be ashamed, let the bass sustain

Then press the gain till people complain


There's only one way to play it, that's louder

Loud enough to turn your brain to clam chowder

We find levels that others overlook

To push and make the system overcook

I had a heavy metal neighbor, it used to be torture

My mother told him turn it down but he just ignored her

So I turned our speakers till they pointed at his house

Turn it up to ten and now he's movin out

When I'm in my room I pump the volume

And play it so loud you can hear it on the moon

See, my sound system is world renowned

Until the cops come around, then I turn it down

Cool it's ok, go ahead and press play

He gave his little speech, now he's drivin away

When the people next door say they heard enough

Pretend you didn't catch that, turn it up


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