Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - The Confrontation

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Excuse me, I'm looking for the manager

Oh, excuse me, may I speak with you please?

(Well look it's Brianna, nature's little gem)

Some customers came in and said that you insulted them (uh huh)

At my place of business

(The Veggie Hut)

That's right

(Well listen it's a free country and I'll say what I like)

Why the negativity, you need positive energy

(As you can see I'm busy, it would help if you didn't pester me)

Then don't put down my people

(Oh, who, you mean those frail chicks

And sissy guys who bat their eyes chewing on your trail mix)

Well what about your nasty food

(Eat it)

Hey forget that


Give me a wet nap and then I'll leave this death trap

(People love Meatshake, a kid and an adult

They want a good meal they don't want to join your cult)

Umm, that's because they're stupid, lazy and inactive (uh huh)

Dull and unattractive (yeah) living like a fat pig

(At least they're not new age crystal loving psychos

Who follow where the light goes, wearing little tight clothes)

Good release that anger, I see you're too uptight, come and get a bran muffin

(Yeah not on your life

Your food is too expensive and I wouldn't even get full)

Can you put a price on your body and your soul

(Look, I'll keep eating meat and you do what you do)

Tell me what an animal has ever done to you

(It filled me up)

With blood and guts

(Hey, save the attack)

I guess I just respect life

(I have it for a snack)

Well, the least that you can do (yeah) is offer us a garden plate

Of eggplant parmesan

(That stuff is too hard to make

You stick with the nuts and berries)

You stick with your heavy butt

(I could use a Meatshake)

I'll go back to Veggie Hut


Goodbye, you know what, I'm leaving. I can't even take this

(I'll see you later)

This is very rude (alright)

It's about the meat (ok) really you should, oh good grief

(Hey Brianna, I just killed a fly, was that murder? I never get sick of that one)

Hey are you working Thursday because I'd like to switch hours

Oh Thursday, I'm...

Oh, hey dude here comes Stover, here comes Stover

Gentleman, talk is not work

Einstein (yes) did you fill the pork grinder? (No, I forgot)

Einstein fill the pork grinder (ok, right away sir, right on top of it)

Einstein's on pork, man (pork man)

I hate Stover and I hate this job. I need a vacation

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