Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Ring The Bell

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Hey Einstein, I like this beat man

Yeah it's nice man (pretty good)

Yo Diz, it's been a while since you did some straight braggadocionics

(Tell it like it is)

I'm cooler than an ice chest, colder than a snow cone

Nicer than the nicest kid under the ozone

I'm worth every penny and tighter than vice grips

Your style is overpriced like a pair of nice kicks

I cover the terrain like my name was John Wayne

Shoot 'em up like Roscoe P. Coltrane

It costs to be the boss like Bruce Springsteen

And I'm good for your health like a bowl of string beans

Einstein drops the beat, I say holy mackerel

Swoopin on stage like I'm a terradactyl

I can get funky like Ahmad Jamal

So people come to see me like the Taj Mahal

I wanna pen a classic, like Rachmaninoff

Turn it on and off with chops like a tomahawk

I never dug I Need Love

In fact, I dubbed over it with high speed dub

Man, why you dissin LL

Well it's not really LL, it's just that song I didn't like

You thought he was pretty soft

Yeah he was kinda soft (when I'm alone in my room)

Well anyway we gotta do the chorus, here it comes


(Now you can ring my bell all through the night)

Ring the bell, ring the bell

(Now you can ring my bell all through the night)

Ring the bell, ring the bell

(Now you can ring my bell all through the night)

Ring the bell, ring the bell

(Now you can ring my bell all through the night)

Ring the bell, ring the bell

Ok, now it's verse two right (right)

Now your first verse was interesting

Some tricky flows in there

So I wanna see what you got for verse number two

Alright, here it goes (everybody)

When I do my thing I bling like afro sheen

Got an old lady, not in the bachelor scene

My mother calls me Dustin but you can call me Dizzy

Don't drink water with the bubbles or water if it's fizzy

So keep it off my rider, yeah as if I had one

Why do I have to be so darn handsome

It's a curse like the goat is to Chicago

I'm out a here, you can catch me down in Cabo

Man I'm a cat in command, call me Heathcliff

And I'm heading straight to the top, like a ski lift

When I'm swingin in this hip hop slugfest

Competition fails like Bobby Brown's drug test

Jiggasauraus keepin it real

You're about as real as a three dollar bill

Blowin more hot air than a hair dryer

I eat cheeseburgers and I got a spare tire

Man you are getting a little fat there

Well, you know, I'm trying to be more like a rapper you know

You mean fat and large, well you know

Anyway we gotta do the chorus, here we go

[Chorus x2]

That's right, now we gonna send a fat shout out

To all the ice cream truck drivers bumpin this song man

Man the ice cream truck don't even come down my block anymore

Why not man

I got bad credit

Well, that's Dizzy Dustin for you

Now when it comes to ice cream truckin, what's your snackly choice

I'm feeling a strawberry shortcake

Now I like the classic ice cream sandwich

What about you Einstein (drumstick)

Einstein likes the drumstick

He wants to know if he can buy cigarettes from the ice cream truck (candy cigarettes)

Now we gotta hurry up and get outta here so Einstein can get back on Friendster

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