Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Pay Or Quit

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Hello, this is the manager

Anybody there, open up

I got a three day notice

To pay your rent or quit

Hello, damnit I know you in there

I can hear the television going

You know, if you would have done

What I told you to do the first time

Take a five minute break, go back to work

And bust it out, you'll get out early

But you don't wanna do that

All you do is just sit here

And then you complain afterwards

I don't wanna hear any more from you

You're fired

Yeah, we're calling about your car payment

Ok, I've heard all the excuses

I give you a call every week

And you seem to not wanna come in

And pay your payment, I don't understand

You drive around in the car

But you can't pay for it, give it back

You better not sleep tonight

Cause you'll wake up and your car will be gone

I'm not giving you the money, don't ask

Don't go to your dad and don't call your grandmother

You're not my little boy anymore

Fine, I'll tape the notice to your door

And if you don't pay your rent in three days or quit

What the hell is going on up in here

You a grown ass man, pay your rent or quit

But I'm tired of knocking on your door

I'm a have to beat it down or break it down

Pay or quit, make a decision now

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