Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Pass It On

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(Pass it on)

Many years ago I was ten years old

We used to play a game that you all should know

It's really very simple, in the form of a song

Just say a couple lines then pass it on

Here we go

Eenie-meanie-weenie, pa-pa-ooh-mou-mou

I can't wait for later, got to get down now

A pow wow with my Injuns, I got thin shins

And feet so big they look like swim fins

I'm going down in history

With a bad attitude like Mr. T

So I pity the fool that would get with me

And when my money's gone I'll pawn my jewelry

On I'm fire like a bonfire, making you melt

Yell help and I'll grab my utility belt

I'm delicious and nutritious like a toasted oat

And if you forget I left you a Post-it note

Yeah, I'll put the flame on the batter till it's chicken fried

Well, I'm never watered down like a Slip 'n Slide

You didn't know, go ask you mom

(What did you say) pass it on


(Pass it on)

Pass it on, pass it on

Pass it on, pass it on, pass it on

(What did you say) pass it on

I got my girl a glass of milk and an Oreo

Told her that I really wanna be her Romeo

Wrote her a letter from Albuquerque, New Mexico

With an X and O, and an X and O

If you're a fat girl who does step aerobics

Or a rave chick who holds up the glowsticks

I wanna move from my bachelor pad

And settle down like a sitcom actor dad

Man I made plans to build the next Graceland

Get fat and expand my waistband

Save the weight loss, great for Kate Moss

More potatoes and please pass the steak sauce

I move fast so I'm hard to hit

Like a seven ten split as I laugh and sit

On a limb with a grin like Cheshire Cat

You caught the slingshot, I laugh and fire back

I gotta get away and leave all my pet peeves

Finish up and we're out like "check please"

Before we go, if you wanna sing along

Everybody c'mon and say pass it on


Pass it on, pass it on

Pass it on, pass it on

Pass it on, pass it on

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