Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Journey To Anywhere

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[Andy Cooper:]

Who can maneuver on Shoots and Ladders to a make believe land?

The Andyman can (The Andyman can)

Freddy was keen, loaned me the Mystery Machine

So I promised him green for gasoline (Jinkies!)

I travel by the gravel of tobacco road

In a race to catch up with a place that time forgot

Took a Lojack from Kojak

And Andy Capp's handicap sticker

So I could find a parking spot in the lot

Greeted upon arrival by drums of steel

A one man band called "Surreal"

I asked him of law and regulation and he said it was up to me

"This is no longer reality, in here I was truly free."

[Andy Cooper:]

So I went to Sesame Street and found Telly

So he could sell me peanuuuuut - peanut butter, jelly

I had to pay back Pat Sajak so I got two hundred dollars

And when I passed go, saw Glass Joe delivered a mighty blow!

Uncle Scrooge warmed illusion, got his assets frozen

And George of the Jungle ran into that tree (Oooh!)

Me, I found Whimpy in the Sea Hag's fog

Said, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Winky Dinky Dog."

From a cookout, where I saw the Captain with his hook out

Making shish kabobs out of Etch-a-Sketch knobs

Then I went to Judy Blume's for dinner, she wouldn't let me budge

Till I drank all my Freckle Juice to wash down my Superfudge (Huh!)

Boarded a great space coaster

Then transferred to a toaster that in a hardware war flies

But at that time a chime startled my ears

I was awakened to the sight of colorful spots in my eyes

Sweet dreams on my ticker tape parade route

Where good guys ride off into the sunset, fade out

And you too can visit the next time you nap

On a journey to anywhere you can draw your own map

On a journey to anywhere you can draw your own map

[Dizzy Dustin (Andy Cooper):]

A yawn tells my mom that it's time for bed

But with a touch of pixie dust I can fly instead

I'm bound to leave the ground so I

Open up the windows of my room

And look towards space to face the moon

That's becoming a balloon in an old cartoon

It must be Wacky Wednesday cause I see my favorite sensei (Hong Kong Phooey!)

And there's the Groovie Ghoulies who are rockin

With Pippi Longstocking and her papa

As Little Hiawatha hit the stream for a swim

I had my scuba gear near so I followed him in

And grabbed a hold of a tail of a manta ray

And we began to play, but then he swam away

So I boogied on my board using an oar

To head back to the shore where I can boogie on a floor

I did the penguin to the shuffle to the hustle to a back spin

And Then I heard ("Let's get ready to rumble! ")

My pet rock named Schleprock who slept in a tube sock

Was going a couple rounds with a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot

But I couldn't get a ticket so I had to sneak in

(*Imitating "Ain't Nuttin But A G Thang")

("And we damn near got caught, cause our sneakers kept squeakin")

Then I jumped on my Psycho Stick and hopped the top

Of a suburb curb, man, I gotta move quick

Cause if I hurry up and get the Magetti ready

I'll return home a hero and be showered with confetti

(Close your eyes) and climb aboard this cruise

To the state of no limits and bring your sleep walkin shoes

It's not an acquittal so we don't need the rap

On a journey to anywhere we can draw our own map

On a journey to anywhere you can draw your own map

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