Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - It's Gone

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Monday's here, up at six thirty

Wednesday, I just gotta keep workin

Friday night, let's get down and dirty

Sunday, I better go to bed early

Monday's here, I need some cash

Late to the job so I'm driving fast

Had a close call and I nearly crashed

I ran out of gas

I need some cash, man it's still storming

Three days straight and won't stop pouring

Leak in my roof so I gotta to call the foreman

Wait it's clearing up, been sunny all morning

Man it's too hot, let's go to a show

My favorite emcee with the classic flow

In line to buy tickets down in the front row

Sold out 10 seconds ago

Let's go to a show, I'll call some friends

We can go to Vegas where the party never ends

Got my paycheck and I'm ready to spend

Have to tell the wife I'm broke again


It's coming, it's coming, it's coming

It's here, it's gone

It's coming (anticipate)

It's coming (she's about to break)

It's coming (I just can't wait)

It's here, it's gone

The group's doing well selling lots of LP's

Touring in the states and overseas

They put the new video on TV

Record sales drop cause of MP3's

Met a young lady, smiled hello

Got the digits, mobile and home

She looks much better than the girls I've known

I wait a few days then I dial the phone

(Wrong number) I got a new album today

I can't wait to get it in my CD tray

Open up the case I'm about to press play

Throw it away

Man I need clothes, my closet's tapped

Hit the outlet store and search the racks

Found new pants and a shirt to match

Brought the stuff home, my sneakers clash

Man I need clothes, they hatched the deal

Yep, publishing advance worth half a mill

He bought the crew cars and platinum grills

Bounced check and a stack of bills


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