Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - I Wanna Go Home

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What time is it?

It 6:47 AM when I look at the clock and cough

6:50, the alarm goes off

I stumble to the shower, brush my teeth

And get dressed as I try to find something to eat

I spot a cookie in the kitchen drawer

And at 7:34 I'm out the door

Sitting in traffic, no escape

I'm gonna be late, work starts at 8

I check my watch and it's 8:03

Finally I arrive at the j-o-b

I get to my desk, what's this mess?

New projects? I'm already stressed

I sit stunned till 8:15

By 8:31 I'm ready to scream

22 messages on my phone

I just got here and I wanna go home

I wanna go home

9:30, my stomach is startin to ache

But I have to wait a half hour for my break

Bless, somebody just called in sick

Coughin and wheezin, yup, the whole shtick

More work for me, it's 10:42

Someone says, "The boss wants to see you"

At 10:47 I'm gettin yelled at

I was gonna yell back but my voice fell flat

I'm still ( ? ) at 11:39

And that's when I'm told they cut my lunch time

Mandatory meeting and all I can do is groan

I wanna go home

I wanna go home

(You got to have a job

your feet on the table)

(You got to have a job

to keep the family able)

(How long until I can go home?)

The afternoon's draggin, it's 2:02

When I'm laggin, avoidin what I'm s'posed to do

A co-worker gets on my case

Tellin me I need to smile, I hate this place

At 3 o'clock I walk outside

Standin by the backdoor try to hide

Gotta make it till five, then I escape

3:30, they ask me to stay late

First I say, "Sure," then I say, "Wait"

I can't, I've got an appointment to make

Then, at 4:10 they ask again

The manager's actin like he's my friend

Hmm, let me think about it - no

I'm ready to go, see you tomorrow

It's 5 o'clock on the dot so you gotta leave me alone

It's time to go home

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