Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Everything's Alright

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[Singing Sample] Everything's alright (x3) [Dizzy Dustin] When the wind and sands where the land's away (uh-huh) There's no man that stands in it's way (uh-huh) People tell me, Life would be lovely When I own a ? And find my sharona But I don't get caught up, this isn't my turf I'm not even a citizen of planet Earth Marooned on the boondocks in timbucktoo (What do you do?)I wait for the rescue crew So I don't need an IV to revive me When I think my thoughts drive me, To the brink, If the end is near, then send it here (together) I'm outta sight like a sattelite And that's alright Chorus: [Singing Sample] Everything's alright (x2) [Together]If the end is near, then send it here [Singing Sample] Everything's alright [Andycat] Well, as I rock beatie-beatie-beats In the endtimes (?), breakin' it down like enzymes To package and send rhymes To another galaxy As a proton, I split 'em into catastrophe And so on Now people wanna say it's great to be alive today With the strives we've made And the lives we've saved But if you really wanna know How much longer time'll last Tune into your local TV simulcast Watch the fall of the family Natural disasters Disease, enemies, attack to strike back And they claim its uncontrollable But you know that they're full of bull So you can't be so gullable Cuz it's like that Mic that, Andycat My architect pleases When I was 12, I went to heaven for lovin' Jesus 'Cause hey, we could be done tonight On the rapture And that's alright Chorus [Both MCs trade verses] Some try to run from the hands of time But they get lost, and hit the land mine Like a teenage love You can't trust your girlfriend Saying don't, don't, don't hurt me again Or addiction (addiction) You gotta watch your back There's a junkie in the alley with a baseball bat But as bad as that sounds Really everything's fine As Young Einstein, it's "so fine"(sample) Don't try To cheat death like the Fall Guy 'Cause we all die Think about it. Why? Because there's not a bigger fish to fry And that's no lie Check it out [Together] If the end is near, then send it here [Together] If the end is near, then send it here (repeat til finish)

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