Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Energy Drink

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Are you ready

[Grandmaster Caz] (Like a Duracell I be energized)

(Go berzerk)


Now have you ever been out at the party spot

And you start feeling tired at 11 o'clock?

If stayin up's what you'd like to do

Then this song might be right for you

It's a product designed to keep you in command

And a brand you won't find in an aluminum can

It gets the jam jumpin like a pogo stick

To turn a wallflower to a go-go chick

And it comes with a special guarantee

That if you don't like this song the next one's free

So next time that you start to sink

Tell the DJ play the Energy Drink


(Like a Duracell I be energized)

(Go berzerk)

(Bouncing bounding beverage)


Mainting the rock, don't stop the rock

If you're tired you be wired when I pop the top

Now comin up with no further ado

Diz is gonna get it energized for you

If you need some energy

You can come see him or me

Ugly Duckling pours the cup

Here's your chance to drink it up

When you need a refill you can't be still

There's no - sleep - till..

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AM

Stop - watch a new day begin




Drop the break, rock the plate

How long are we stayin up? Awfully late

To a white or a black kid

If you're crawling like an arachnid

This'll get you hyperactive

If you need a second wind or some more adrenaline

I would like to recommend

that you let the record spin

Till the last dance stops the show

So one more time let the energy go

Do what, do what

Do what, do what

Do what, do what

Do what, do what

Do what, do what

Do what, do what

Do what, do what


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