Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Elevator Music

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The baddest emcee (who's that) not me

I'm Technicolor on a black and white TV

And by the by, a motherlovin son who knows one day

That all of the tears wept will be swept away

So before the giant comes to from the slumber

Dig a last ditch effort to vacate the tundra

Dust off your ears, jump off of your best leg

Out of the catacomb into the nestegg

Now let me get my 15 minutes of fame

And I'll be as straight as Gibraltar

He said he'd make a funky beat and be as sweet as Walter

Payton hatin long drives to 9 to 5's

Man, he wanted high fives when the crowds arrive

So he frequents in sequins doin the neutron dance

Actin all jiggy for the cash advance

I hung a buffalo stance, crossed the Red Sea

And said don't you get fresh with me

Because if freshness was a dinner with all of the dressings

We'd be gluttons pushing buttons in the kitchen with the Jetsons

Dizzy Dustin, Andy, Einstein's the third man

Elevators going up like Junior Birdman


We're movin up, movin on up

We're movin up, movin on up

We're movin up, movin on up

We're movin up, movin on up

I put the key in the ignition and enter the pole position

To outrun the competition on this expedition

To the Crystal Castle, I can't stay put

A millipede wants to feed on the back of my foot

Kept my eyes straight ahead and dodged the roadblocks

Dips and oil slicks, wet spots and falling rocks

Who wants to see themselves and their friends

Grow to be old men, pondering what could have been

Break away the ties that hold me from the skies

And tell the hippy with the sticky not to skip me

You can try to pry the doors when stuck between floors

Or call the foreman but he's barnstorming

So I slide a token down the slot and press player one

To be the slayer in the dragon's lair tappin my thumbs

Against the buttons joystick in hand to command the missiles

Top score once more I enter my initials

Eyein a lion without becoming his lunch

Isn't easy in a pitfall on a jungle hunt

I set out to get out but cement shoes lack traction

So this time I'll climb with some elevator action


Steppin to the edge of the platform to plunge

Down into the think tank, the opening is narrow

As I'm hovering above the covering I start to fall

And feel the stomach butterflys rise out of my bone marrow

You can label me with chewing gum envy

Cause I wish I could be care free to emcee

For a beatnik to a neatnik and anyone in between

And anyone that's beyond and anyone that's been conned (strung along)

By the charismatic addict, the man on the stage

Giving power displays to astound and amaze

You'd better follow our ways, cause we've got the solution

But you're gonna have to pay, make a contribution

The Azraels and Gargamels may feel the need

To hurt the little people in order to feed greed

And, hey, they may laugh now but later

They'll be sorry they didn't ride the elevator


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