Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Down The Road

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[Young Einstein scratches and cuts "Down the road"]

[Dizzy Dustin:]

I got my lab coat on, lookin for an elixir

Gathering ingredients, put em in the mixture

The fixture in makin all the music we do

Is lookin at the same thing from three points of view

[Andy Cooer:]

Like the Leaning Tower of Piza or the pyramid in Giza

We stand grand and without comparison, seize the day

The same way that Humphrey Bogart did the "Maltese

Falcon, " except it's our album that's the art piece

[Dizzy Dustin:]

I scatter matter with the lyrics that come

Off the tip of my tongue

And by matter I mean visions

[Andy Cooper:]

Words I woo like a Montague would do a Capulet

And you can bet that my rap Erector Set is arisen

[Dizzy Dustin:]

Headin down the road is everyone's main task

[Andy Cooper:]

Pick a direction at the intersection, step on the gas

[Dizzy Dustin (Andy Cooper):]

Can I elaborate Andy? (Man, serve some English muffins)

Well, let me get the butter knife (Go head Dizzy Dustin)

[Dizzy Dustin (Andy Cooper):]

In the land of the blind the man with one eye is king

You gotta have the bait to get the bite

Keep your ear to the ground to hear the train leavin town

Before you get me wrong, get me right

Set sail through the gale, I gotta keep it moving

Till it smoothens and rides just like a fahrvergnugen

Others try to beat you by bending the law

Talkin smoother than a man with (Gauze in his jaws)

But I can leave your racetracks full of thumbtacks

So on the final lap you have to hit the pit to fix the flat

And who can you really trust

Are you going my way on the information superhighway

I'm Jonny Quest at his best, obsessed

With the idea of knowing everything and nothing less

Which means Dizzy Dustin's gonna head due north

Down the road, but it eventually forks

[Young Einstein scratches and cuts "Down the road"]

It don't stop now, it don't stop

It can't stop now, it can't stop

It don't stop now, it don't stop

It can't stop now, it can't stop

[Andy Cooper:]

I was weeping like a weeping willow

On my sleeping pillow one night

Looking for direction in the labyrinth called life

Cause I can't fight without a strategy

And comradery means a lot to me

But people don't wanna have to be

Stressed and depressed on my account

And self preservation is what living's about

But when I'm down and out like a pass route

With no friend, I tend to feel assed out

Is it just me or am I the oddity?

Do I need a lobotamy to make it on this odyssey?

I mean, you try to be cool and let people come close

But they hurt me and desert me when I need them most

Out in the cold with no igloo, I play Yahoo

And get serious, which I hate to do

And it's true, if I would've stayed off the path of trouble

I wouldn't have to struggle, but now all I can do I pray

Now I have faith, but not in men in pulpits

Often the culprits who are shaping and manipulating

Parables and miralces into their mold

Take your own look down the road

[Young Einstein scratches and cuts "Down the road"]

[Milk:] We're gifted, and we're going far

"Alright, are we ready for some hip hop, everybody? "

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