Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Do Your Thing

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It's time to get looser than some old socks

Standin on my soap box

Run with the rhythm, unlockin like the Gobots

Makin sure the show rocks afros and mohawks

(Come on in and do your thing)

I don't hang out on the corner to shoot craps and slap box

Cats think I'm square as Scoob and Scrap's flat tops

Ready to blast rap's new national pastime

Fast time line cats who blow like a gas line

They watered it down and squeezed out the fatness

Tried to get the world on their back like Tony Atlas

You shattered hip hop, leaving only smashed glass

Now it's half assed and divided like a back slash

Cause you took the fast cash, with the cattle flock

Life stock under control like a battlebot

I don't sell like Madonna or Sting

But I do it from the heart when I'm doin my thing


Do my thing, do your thing

Do my thing, do your thing

Now once I get in top form

They don't wanna lock horns

If you get my pot warm

Blow up like I'm popcorn

Talk loud, I'll ignore you like the speed limits

Or telemarketing, or when I read critics

I'm on the sneak attack to deflate your rubber raft

And laugh, making my escape in a hovercraft

Or I'll get you with my tractor beam

Then I'm a terrorist fleeing the disaster scene

I'm gone like the vampire after dawn

It's the Wrath of Kahn like that movie William Shatner's on

Einstein makes it funky, their beats are stenchless

When I'm on the track you can spot me like a benchpress

I do my thing, I don't care if it's hip

Movin from the launching pad to the landing strip

But it's a crash landing, hits you at random

Grab the mic stand, it's half a rap tandem

Me plus D to the I, z's

We keep it connected like a Siamese even if you don't please

Even if you don't please, Ugly Duckling

(Come on in and do your thing)


Now Greg the enginner, yo do your thing

And my man Mike Felder, just do your thing

And Jon St. James, got to do your thing

And Ugly Duckling, yeah we do our thing

We're out

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